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Ordering Info

The book "Personal Path, Practical Feet" is now available worldwide.

The list of distributors is growing rapidly!

Canadian Readers:

How can you order it?
If purchased directly from us, please send message for price including tax (if applicable) and shipping.
Payment via e-Transfer, PayPal or personal cheque
Credit Cards (not currently available - please contact us directly if this is your only way to pay)

Where can you buy it?

Amazon.ca, Chapters, and other booksellers across the country
Paris, Brantford, Ayr and other nearby residents can buy the book at Green Heron Books.
Vancouver Island residents may want to contact Adib Atrchi at Applepress in Duncan.

US Readers:

International Readers:


  • Now available in all eformats.  Please check your usual on-line store to order.

Discounts for group sales (study groups) may be arranged.

Note:  If you live somewhere with high shipping rates, please contact us.  Perhaps we can help you find ways to reduce this cost.

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