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"Personal Path, Practical Feet" by Jaellayna Palmer is available worldwide!

Reviews have been enthusiastic.  Here are a few of the many comments received so far:

Your practicality and vision for a harmonious society are written in such a simple and uncomplicated manner. They can be applied and practiced by everyone of all ages, races, and religions.

You have such a creative, positive, and thought-provoking way of expressing what many "thinkers" like me could never do. Thank you for sharing.

I enjoyed reading your style of writing. It was as if you were talking directly to me.

Your writing has so many powerful insights. I will be re-reading and reflecting on them for days to come. I'm sure your words will touch many.

What an accomplishment! Exploring all the themes and creating a wonderful "reflective moment" with the reader!

The book grew out of a "Personal Journey" column in the Guelph Mercury (Guelph, Ontario, Canada).  For over 8 years, the newspaper column explored how everyday life brings opportunities to reflect upon, and learn about, spiritual principles.

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