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CHAPTER 1:  Home and Garden (a few lines from a few stories are included below)

Getting at the Source

Complaining to John about my on-going battle with weeds in the garden - they seem to be winning – I thought about how dandelions grow. If the roots aren’t removed along with the leaves, stems, and flowers then the roots just get stronger. . .

Read the Instructions

The eager owner of a new techno-gizmo, I put the packaging aside and started using it. Almost immediately I was frustrated by not knowing how to turn on some of the features. And just as bad, I realized that I didn’t even know what some of the features were . . .

Memories from Items in My Home

Throughout my home, I have keepsakes and souvenirs collected from trips and special events. I love looking at these items and recalling the experience or location associated with them, though I admit that the details for every rock, bone, or seashell do get lost in time . . .


Sample story from Chapter 2

Every Day Is a Fresh Start

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